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Interpretazione del contratto e implied terms: la Corte Suprema della Nuova Zelanda riscrive le regole

Abigail Owusu 13 Aprile 2022
New Zealand Supreme Court, sentenza 14 luglio 2021, [2021] NZSC 85, Bathurst Resourches Limited, Buller Coal Limited (Appellants) v L&M Coal Holdings Limited, Winkelmann CJ, Glazebrook, O’ Regan, Ellen France and William JJ [Interpretazione del contratto – lacune contrattuali – clausole implicite – ammisibilità – extrema ratio – principi regolatori] Massima – The first of the principle governing the implication of terms is that the legal test for the implication of a term is a standard of strict necessity, which is a high hurdle to overcome. The second principle is that if a contract does not provide for an eventuality, the usual inference is that no contractual provision ...